"Mathicide": A Case Study

Suzuki, a third grader, loved to read, she could memorize poetry and drama scripts for class plays. She loved school but hated math. She was clearly moving towards Premature "Mathicide" Syndrome. While the majority of US adults have Permanent "Mathicide" Syndrome, why did this happen to Suzuki so early? 

Suzuki was my fifth elementary student. Before I accept a tutor challenge, a family interview is required. Suzuki's mom explained that the teacher was concerned about Suzuki's slow math fact acquisition. The teacher recommended that Suzuki attend math "intervention" during the day because she was not good at math. After repeated unsuccessful "interventions," the teacher requested a parent conference where the details of Suzuki's lack of progress were reviewed. The teacher felt that mom should provide additional practice at home. Armed with flashcards and worksheets dad and mom hammered away at home!  After 2 months of additional teacher, para-teacher, and parent interventions, Suzuki exhibited growing symptoms of Premature "Mathicide" Syndrome. After 4 adults agreed that this 3rd grader was not good at math, Suzuki was convinced that math was not relevant. Why did this happen? Is there any way to prevent "Mathicide"? Is there a cure? Let's discover the answer together!

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