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Sequences and series

  1.  reportW.1Find terms of a sequence
  2.  reportW.2Find terms of a recursive sequence
  3.  reportW.3Identify a sequence as explicit or recursive
  4.  reportW.4Find a recursive formula
  5.  reportW.5Find recursive and explicit formulas
  6.  reportW.6Convert a recursive formula to an explicit formula
  7.  reportW.7Convert an explicit formula to a recursive formula
  8.  reportW.8Convert between explicit and recursive formulas
  9.  reportW.9Introduction to sigma notation
  10.  reportW.10Identify arithmetic and geometric series
  11.  reportW.11Find the sum of a finite arithmetic or geometric series
  12.  reportW.12Introduction to partial sums
  13.  reportW.13Partial sums of arithmetic series
  14.  reportW.14Partial sums of geometric series
  15.  reportW.15Partial sums: mixed review
  16.  reportW.16Convergent and divergent geometric series
  17.  reportW.17Find the value of an infinite geometric series
  18.  reportW.18Write a repeating decimal as a fraction



Vedic Exercises





Trig Functions

N.1Find properties of sine functions

N.2Write equations of sine functions from graphs

N.3Write equations of sine functions using properties

N.4Graph sine functions

N.5Find properties of cosine functions

N.6Write equations of cosine functions from graphs

N.7Write equations of cosine functions using properties

N.8Graph cosine functions

N.9Graph sine and cosine functions


Complex numbers

  1. R.1Add and subtract complex numbers
  2. R.2Complex conjugates
  3. R.3Multiply and divide complex numbers
  4. R.4Add, subtract, multiply, and divide complex numbers
  5. R.5Absolute values of complex numbers
  6. R.6Powers of i

Conic sections

  1. P.6Graph circles

Two-dimensional vector

U.1Find the magnitude of a vector

U.2Find the direction angle of a vector

U.3Find the component form of a vector

U.4Find the component form of a vector from its magnitude and direction angle

U.5Find a unit vector

U.6Add and subtract vectors

U.7Multiply a vector by a scalar

U.8Find the magnitude or direction of a vector scalar multiple

U.9Find the magnitude and direction of a vector sum

U.10Linear combinations of vectors




Max-Min Problems by Graphing

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                                  Simple Harmonic Motion


                                   Hanging Weight


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Trig Function Graphing


Multiply By 9 Advanced

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  1.  reportP.1Identify similar figures
  2.  reportP.2Similarity ratios
  3.  reportP.3Similarity statements
  4.  reportP.4Side lengths and angle measures in similar figures
  5.  reportP.5Similar triangles and indirect measurement
  6.  reportP.6Perimeters of similar figures
  7.  reportP.7Similarity rules for triangles
  8.  reportP.8Similar triangles and similarity transformations
  9.  reportP.9Similarity of circles
  10.  reportP.10Triangle Proportionality Theorem
  11.  reportP.11Areas of similar figures




Skills Practice IXL (camden395, Rocket)



Geometry Resources

Geometry Constructions PPT Cube Surface Area and Volume














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This Week Practice(06-12)

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