Math Is Magic

Are You A Multiplication Magician?

Memory Whiz

Excel: Problem Solving



Class Activities

1.0 Factor Tree 2.0  Divisibility Rules 3.0 Virtual Activities 4.0 Beat The Calculator
5.0 Timed Flashcards 6.0 Mental Math 7.0 ArithmAttack 8.0 Function Machine
9.0 Cut-The Knot 10. Abacus Video  11.0 Virtual Abacus 12.0 Day Of The Date





01arithmattack 02timed +-x/ flashcards 03Mental Math 04ExcelPPT Resources
05Primary Resources 06Virtual Manipulatives 07Visual Fractions 08NumeracyWKSHTS
09Fraction Frenzy 10Ruler Game 11Measure It! 12Tape measure
13Geoboard 14Stopwatch 15Multiplication Pictures 16Multiplication Practice
17Practice Tables NumeracyWorld 19Matho Games 20Addition Practice
21+-x Practice 06 Math Arcade Addition Practice Multiplication Practice
Geometric Patterns Area Complex Figs Math Baseball  
05  06 Divisibility Rules 07 Division Template  





01Fraction Frenzy 02Measure it! 03 Equivalent Fractions 04 Reduce Fractions
05Fraction Problems 06Visual Fractions 07Equivalent Fractions2 08 Mixed Number Problems
09Understanding Ratios 10Equivalent Ratios 11Ratio Problems 12Compare Ratios
13. Cut-The Knot      









Flashcards(Aplusmath) Timed Flashcards(Vkids) vocabulary builder  
X Flashcards(Automatic) Math Lab(Nussbaum)    
Divisibility Rules(Vkids)      
ArithmAttack Fraction Drill 1    
Factor Tree Division Bingo Place Value/Rounding    
Equivalent Fractions Multiplication Grid    
  SOS Math    
Mental Addition/Sutraction Graph Paper/Number lines    
  Order of Operations Practice    
Math Worksheets Function Machine 1    
Function Machine 2 +/- Integer Operations    
Math Glossary Estimation Skills    
Shodor Interactive Cut-The Knot    
Math Playground      
Decimal Lessons Visual Fractions    
Decimal Jeopardy Ratio Proportions Lessons    



Download Virtual Calc Math Placement Test
Algebra Tutor J
YouTubeFastMath OHM Zone
  Math Placement Test 2

Thinking Blocks

Quick Math Tools
Calculator Lessons  
xFunctions Using A Protractor





  Algebra Tools
Pre-Calculus Supplement J
  OHM Zone

Thinking Blocks

Quick Math Tools
Calculator Lessons  
xFunctions Using A Protractor