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Welcome to the e-world of Dirk M. Horton!  Why are you here at this time and at this place called Math On Monday?  I assume you are here to learn or help others to learn.

I'm a lucky man!  Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Singapore, Guatemala, and Columbia were homes from 1978-1995.  What a great life!  I have always used computers to support learning and believe they are wonderful tools to help teachers "buy" time to work with students as mentors. I'm retired now and trying to makes ends meet.

You are welcome to use my site and download any of my work.  Think of it as shareware. If you find my work worth a donation make one. Send a check to my address: 

Dirk Horton- 6500 Jump Off Road-Wenatchee WA-98801 or use the secure Paypal Button.

Please, every dollar helps me to keep making new contributions to the site. A dollar is good more is great!

 I would appreciate any feedback about my work.

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