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Welcome to the e-world of Dirk M. Horton!  Why are you here at this time and at this place called Math On Monday?  I assume you are here to learn.  I can promise, if you work at it, you will learn.  Your life will be richer as we learn together. The keys to learning on line are important to consider!(click here!)

Why am I here?  It was a long journey.  I was born in New York in 1944 , went to high school , attended the State University of New York and earned a BS in Physics and Mathematics. I fell in love with Physics and went to graduate school at Michigan State University in High Energy Physics and Astronomy.  My Master's Degree research was in eclipsing binary stars and my doctoral research was in Proton-Proton collisions at very high energies.

In 1970, I taught High School Physics as a substitute for a friend on sabbatical leave and have been teaching physics and math at the high school level ever since that day.

I'm a lucky man!  Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Singapore, Guatemala, and Colombia were homes from 1978-1995.  What a great life!  I have always used computers to support learning and believe they are wonderful tools to help teachers "buy" time to work with students as mentors. I'm retired now and trying to makes ends meet.
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The Apex Rules

Keep notebook with all Math workbook notes.

Print questions you have questions about.

Use plenty of scrap paper!

Correct summary workbook notes before handing in.

Print individual questions that are missed, while taking quizzes and tests!

Ask for help!

Learning this way is difficult.